Community and University Sustainability Partnership (CUSP)

The CUSP team is a multi-disciplinary, voluntary team of over 30 students and staff from across the campus and community partners all working together with the common aim of establishing the university as a leading institutional model for sustainability.  The CUSP team operates through a multidisciplinary board - the CUSP General Board. All CUSP General Board members align to a sustainability working group.  There are six Sustainability Working Groups organised around six themes of the Learn Live Lead Model.  The CUSP team plays a lead role in the development and implementation of the NUI Galway Sustainability Strategy. The NUI Galway Strategic Plan 20202-2025 Shared Vision, Shaped by Values commits to: ‘Building on the work of our Community and University Sustainability Partnership and its approach to learn live lead sustainability across the university mission, we will embed sustainability in our culture, operational policies and governance structures and empower our communities to be champions of sustainability’.

CUSP Team at announcement of SDG Champion Status

An image of the CUSP team following the announcement of the University of Galway as an SDG Champion for 2023.

CUSP team at the launch of NUI Galway Sustainability Strategy 2017-2020

CUSP Team with Names B