NUI Galway is committed to sustainable transportation planning and implementing, and continuously improving and promoting sustainable transportation opportunities and programmes for the campus community. See some our sustainable transport initiatives below.

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Why is this important? 

Unsustainable transport and travel patterns have major negative impacts on human health and the environment. Increased reliance on single-occupancy vehicles is leading to localised traffic pollution and congestion, higher levels of obesity and continued dependence on imported fossil fuels.

‌NUI Galway workplace Travel Plan

Our workplace Travel Plan aims to:

  • increase staff and student active travel and public transport use
  • reduce staff and student car use
  • improve the health and wellbeing of staff and students
  • reduce the impact of University travel on the City's road network i.e.
    traffic congestion
  • off-site car parking in the locality of the University
  • support the University's Green Flag aspirations

2014/2015 Travel Survey

The 2014/2015 Travel Survey revealed that on average our staff travel further to campus, with 72% of them using a motor car (a lack of alternatives and other commitments are the most significant determinants). In general our students live closer and 59% of them use active transport (walking, cycling). Active travel mode falls steeply with distance of commute. For students that drive a car, a lack of alternatives and quickest commute time are cited as the more significant determinants. Total percentage of students that use more sustainable commuting options is 83% compared to 42% for staff. Greater than 50% of both cohorts were open to changing to public transport or cycling.

National Transport Authority -  Smarter Travel Campus 

NUI Galway is a National Transport Authority - Smarter Travel Campus partner.

Smarter Travel Campus is a hands-on programme working with Third Level Institutions to implement campus travel plans – or actions to encourage and support students and staff to walk, cycle, take public transport or carpool on the commute to campus. Smarter Travel Campus aims to facilitate more sustainable travel choices for students and staff – resulting in better access, enhanced wellbeing, reduced costs, reduced carbon emissions and more effective parking management.

NUI Galway participates in the yearly active challenges organised by the Smarter Travel team at the National Transport Authority. 

NUI Galway Walking Times Map 

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Galway City Bike sharing scheme

NUI Galway participates in the Galway City Bike sharing scheme with three stations located on campus. Coca-Cola Zero® Bike stations are located throughout the city of Galway to provide a healthy and convenient means of transport.

Bicycle parking on campus

There are covered and uncovered, secure and unsecure cycle racks throughout the campus. Cycle racks are mostly monitored by CCTV. However, cyclists are strongly encouraged to ensure that they lock their bicycle appropriately with a strong lock.

See our Cycling Facilities Map for the locations of the bike parking areas on campus.

An Mheitheal Rothar

An Mheitheal Rothar are a bicycle cooperative established by NUIG students on campus, offering staff and students affordable bicycles and maintenance training (both free and paid). NUIG house the cooperative and provide it with workshops and stores on campus. Most bicycles sold are recycled, reused and repaired:

A free cycle clinic is offered to staff and students. The public workshops are currently held from 6-9pm on Wednesdays and 12-3pm on Fridays. These are open for the general public.

Electric vehicle parking spaces & GoCars

Electric Vehicle charging spaces are located close to key buildings with high staff profile.

NUIG collaborate with GoCars, so that GoCars are parked on campus offering staff and students the use of efficient cars whose embodied energy is shared. GoCars are hired by the hour and therefore provide students and staff with a user friendly, efficient mode of transport. GoCar allows you to rent cars for as little as half an hour, using a booking system to reserve the vehicle and in-car technology to unlock the car and drive. Electric vehicle charging spaces as of 2020 and growing campus wide. There are a number of charging points that are also adjacent to the campus offering fast charging.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Scheme is available to all staff at NUI Galway. You can use a salary sacrifice arrangement to save up to 52% of the retail price of bike and equipment.

Travel Pass Scheme

NUI Galway is committed to promoting positive and sustainable mobility management initiatives for its staff. As a result of Government policy which promotes the use of public transport there is a tax saving available to staff who forego a portion of their salary and replace it with an annual commuter ticket purchased by NUI Galway for use on Public transport. Click here for more information.

Park & Ride Scheme

The Park and Ride car park is located in Dangan (to the northwest of Corrib Village). It can be accessed via the entrance to Corrib Village, off the Upper Newcastle Road. Opening hours are from 0600 to 2300 on weekdays only. The spaces in the Park and Ride are for staff and students only, but the Pay and Display/Pay by Phone spaces are available for visitors if they purchase a ticket from the nearby machine or online via the app (apcoaconnect). To exit the carpark, drive up to the exit barrier which will automatically rise. 

The Park & Ride scheme aims to reduce the amount of cars on campus.

Park and Ride Timetable / Amchlár na Seirbhíse Páirceála agus Taistil